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Why Order From Us?

The Art Of Engraving

In engraving, there are of course a number of technical steps that need to be taken, however the first and most important stage of the process is the customer. We offer a personalised, bespoke service to each of our customers, taking time to understand their individual requirements. While some customers want something simple, a loved one’s name or a special date added to a gift, others have something more specific in mind. Our tailored approach enables us to help create a bespoke request from our customers, whether that’s a logo, design or imagery on glass, wood or metal. We take our time to listen and advise on material, design or finish to make sure their item is truly special.

Once we have determined the item and design, we can then begin the craft of engraving. The process varies according to the material but there are some initial steps that must always be taken. Preparation is everything.  The items we most commonly engrave are made of metal and the process is quite straightforward, but again time and care must be taken. Measurements are inputted into CAD software and meticulously evaluated to ensure the layout is perfect. When this is completed, the design is sent through to the engraving machine where a diamond drill removes the top layer of the metal through a combination of shading and outlining, very much like the process of drawing.

When it comes to more complex materials such as glass, the beginning process is much the same, however the way in which we handle the item itself differs. Glass objects require a very slow speed of engraving and the item is sprayed with a specialist polish which enables a smoother finish. It is more time consuming to do this, but the results are definitely worth it.

We invest time in each of our customers and each item that passes through, because after 20 years’ experience we have learnt that all good things take time.